Colorado Springs and the Planned Parenthood Massacre

When I heard that a terrorist had killed at least three people and wounded about a dozen at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado, yesterday, my thoughts immediately turned to the Planned Parenthood clinic in downtown Baltimore, on Howard Street.

A friend of mine, a Catholic woman who goes to church regularly, travels down to the clinic occasionally to kneel and pray on the sidewalk in front of the establishment and try to convince women who are going into the clinic not to end their pregnancies. Her name is Emily, and she strikes me as a blindly religious woman—faithful but not thinking critically about her beliefs.

I called her this morning to tell her to stop trying to stop the work of this law-abiding organization that provides vital health care services for many women. As this killing was done under political motivation, it is an act of hatred. As it was done with the intention of scaring women not to visit lawful organizations, it is an act of terrorism.

All Christians should stop opposing this organization’s good work. They should also condemn the killing that has taken place. #notinmyname